What temperature should my AC be set to in Jacksonville, Florida

Keeping your home at this preferred temperature will save you money on electric while minimizing the wear and tear on your AC system.

While not every member of your household prefers the same room temperature, studies have shown that the ideal room temperature is between 76 and 78 degree Fahrenheit. At these temperatures, your AC is also reaching its peak efficiency – meaning it is using the least amount of electricity to keep your home at this temperature.


Should I turn off the AC while we are at work?

The answer is No. The fact is that your AC will use more energy when it is left off, or set at a higher temperature. It takes more power to cool down your home then it does to maintain a temperature.

You will put less wear and tear on your air conditioning system while keeping your HVAC system’s operation at the most efficient level.

A digital and programmable thermostat will allow you to:

  1. Have a more accurate temperature reading than the old-fashion mercury stick thermostat
  2. Allow you to program a set temperature schedule for your air conditioning system or furnace. This is great for cooling and heating in Jacksonville because it allows you to set different modes. You may want to have your indoor air temperature and humidity level at a one number in the evening yet another number in the morning. This is also a good way to save money on your heating or cooling while your home is vacant. Whether it’s the time kids are in school, you are at work or your whole family is on vacation.

There are also wifi enabled thermostats which are great because they let you control your indoor air quality, temperature and humidity levels from convenience of your fingertips. There are several app for iphones, androids as well as computers that allow you to control your HVAC system while away from home.



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Why is my AC flooding?

Why is my AC flooding?



Water coming from your AC? Have you recently noticed that your ac is leaking water?


Air conditioners can cause significant water damage to your home when they have a clogged drain line. We can help you clear the drain line and resolve the flooding problem immediate – Call (904) 37-1648.



Here are the most common causes your ac is flooding:

 1. Clogged drain line

Your air handle (the indoor unit of your air conditioner) is connected to a PVC condensation line that is responsible for draining out water from the primary drain pan located in your indoor unit right underneath the coil.

Over time, gunk, slime and debris will blind up in the drain line causing the pipe to clog up.


How to avoid drain line back-up:
– Pour one cup of vinegar or bleach down the drain line once a month (especially in the summer months) .

– Vacuum the pipe from the exterior outlet using a shop-vac at least twice a year. Shop-vacs can be purchase for less than $50 and come in handy all the time for other tasks around the house as well.


Here is a link to an inexpensive one at your local Lowe’s: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Shop-Vac-6-Gallon-3-Peak-HP-Shop-Vacuum/50159051

2. Bad float switch

Float switch is directly connected to your air handler and has the power to shut your unit off when it sense a high moister level or water in your drain line.


Testing your float switch is a good idea. You want to make sure that it is working properly.

Here are some common types of float switches ac companies use when installing new heating and air conditioning systems:


3. Dirty evaporator coils

Evaporator coil is located in your indoor unit. Depending on the type of air handler, fan coils or furnace you have, the coils can be aluminum or copper with fins around them. The flower fan motor is generally above the coil.

When dirt gets into the coil, it starts to fill up the spaces in-between the fins of the coil and creates a restriction. In that case, air is not able to get thru the coil and is compressed. As a result, the coil will freeze and ice up. The ice in your coil can result in a mild to severe flooding of your AC.


What should you do if you see ice on and water coming out of your AC?

Turn your AC off and call an air conditioning company immediately. An experienced technician will be able to deice your coil, and perform a pull and clean of the coil to get the debris out.

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ON vs. AUTO – Air Conditioning Thermostats: Settings and which thermostat is best for you.

Thermostat blank or not working? Choosing the right thermostat and settings can save you headaches and money! Call Bold City AC Repair at (904) 379-1648.

Digital is the way to go!
If you do not have a digital thermostat – you should really consider investing in one. Digital thermostats are more accurate, allow you to customize your indoor air quality and will save you money on your electric bill. There are several inexpensive model to choose from in today’s market with Honeywell and Nest being one of the leading manufacturer’s.

Save Money by going DIGITAL! 

Programmable VS. Non-Programmable
While every digital air conditioning thermostat allows you to control your heat pump system or furnace, a programmable air conditioning thermostat also allows you to set a indoor air temperature for particular times of the day, days of the week and months of the year.


Digital Honeywell Thermostat – Programmable

As shown in the image above, this particular Honeywell PRO6000 Vision allows you to set your weekly temperature and air conditioning operation schedule. Simply, yet makes a big difference.

Filter Replacement Reminder
Thermostats such as the Honeywell PRO8000 also have a feature to set a reminder when it is time to replace your filter. Depending on the filtration system you have in your home, and whether you change your filter monthly, quarterly or semi-annually,

Another benefit of the PRO8000: Humidity Control
Often times, the temperature is right but it feels sticky in the home. That’s a sign of high humidity. Advance thermostats such as the Honeywell Touchscreen series allow you to not only control the temperature in your home but also the humidity levels. This insures all year comfort for you and your family.

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Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Tips


Thank you for stopping by.

Today we would like to cover a couple of maintenance ideas that may help you save some money and increase the operating efficiency of your indoor comfort system. Here in Florida, with our extreme heat and humidity, it is very important to keep your system maintained so your family can enjoy all the benefits of a properly operating system.

First and foremost is a clean filter. A filter can only do the job it was engineered to perform if it’s clean and provides an unrestricted flow of air. In the summer months starting in May (this month), we recommend you change your filter monthly. In the winter months you can change it every other month. I know, the ad’s claim you can get away we changing the filter every three months – and you can. However, we recommend monthly in the summer because your system is under tremendous stress here in Florida during these months and changing the filter is an inexpensive way to maintain your system.


What about a filter reminder? We are working on a system to help you remember to change your filter on a schedule. This will be forthcoming and we think a great way for you to forget about the filter change-out until it’s required. Again, routine would be the key here. This way your system is providing the comfort your family requires.


Another area you may want to review is your thermostat. This is a very important part of the indoor comfort system that is often overlooked. Your thermostat can also restrict the most efficient operation of your system. The technologies available today with new wireless systems make it very easy for you to take CONTROL of your system while you are home or away. Many of the better thermostats are controlled by a smartphone app which is both convenient and efficient.


The last item we would like to discuss today is your duct system. Your duct system distributes the conditioned air to the various rooms of your house. As such, any leaks are detrimental to a properly functioning system. Air conditioning the attic is probably not a really good thing. Some of the issues affecting the performance of your duct system are visible, and some are not. It’s probably a good idea to call in a professional on this one.


Just to give a quick summary, you may want to schedule an appointment with your indoor comfort professional to review and discuss thermostat options and to inspect your duct system. These would be two items that could greatly impact the efficient and convenient operation of your system.


At Bold City Heating and Air, we strive to offer VALUE and competitive pricing on all of our indoor comfort services and equipment. We would be honored to earn your business, so please keep us in mind for any of HVAC needs you may have now or in the future. We are available at your convenience to answer any questions, and address any concerns you may have regarding the operation, maintenance, repair, or replacement of your indoor comfort system.


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AC Repair In Jacksonville

When your home air conditioning system is down, it is important to get a reliable, honest and professional air conditioning company out to your home as soon as possible.

At Bold City Heating and Air, we know that response time is of the essence. That is why we:

  1. Stock our service vans with parts that include but are not limited to:
    1. Capacitors
    2. Contactors
    3. Transformers
    4. Digital thermostats (Honeywell, Nest and more)
    5. Condenser fan motor
    6. Compressor
    7. Blower Fan Motor
    8. Cleaners – variety
  2. Ensure that our certified air conditioning technicians are up-to-date with the latest technology, tools and industry standards ready to troubleshoot and repair all major brands and models.

Our company provides clean, professional and honest air conditioning maintenance and repair service. You will know the cost up front before we do the repair and all of our work is backed by our labor guarantee!