Freshen Up Your Air Conditioner: Part 2

Freshen Up Your Air Conditioner: Part 2

Last week we began covering our checklist on properly preparing your air conditioning unit for another season of battling the blistering heat of summertime in Florida. We discussed the need to keep a tidy, debris-free area outside around your unit. We also explained how to check and clean you air conditioning unit’s drain line. Finally, we stressed how easy (yet also important) it is to change your filter each month.

This week, we will cover the final items left on our pre-summer air conditioning unit checklist. Follow along and you’ll have an air conditioning system that will help you stay cool all summer long!

Discoloration is not your friend. If you look up at your central air vents and notice discoloration around them, you are looking at a condensation issue. This could be caused by air ducts that don’t have enough (or any) duct insulation. It gets hot in your attic during the summer, and air ducts that are improperly insulated allow condensation to form when the hot air in your attic comes into contact with the air ducts that are circulating cool air throughout your home. This can lead to rot and further damage to your drywall and home insulation.

Don’t block return vents.Many people make rearranging their furniture a part of their annual spring cleaning routine. Most people know that blocking air conditioning supply vents will make it tougher to cool a room down. But surprisingly, many people don’t think twice about covering or blocking the return vents. This can lead to a myriad of potential problems for your air conditioning unit. Things like frozen coils and the extra effort your unit will require to try to cool your home can lead to diminished efficiency and potential failure of your air conditioning system.

Call in the pros.The most important thing to make a part of your annual routine maintenance checklist for your home air conditioning system is to schedule a semi-annual system maintenance with one of our trained and trusted professionals from Bold City Heating and Air. We can do everything on this list and more to make sure you and your family have your coolest summer ever this year, and in the years to come. Set an appointment today here on the website, or give us a call and we’ll set the appointment for you!

Freshen Up Your Air Conditioner

Freshen Up Your Air Conditioner

April is chugging along and as temperatures continue to rise, the hum of air conditioning units will begin to sing louder as the Florida summer gets closer and closer. Since we’re smack dab in the middle of spring cleaning season, it would be a prudent part of your plan to get ready for summer to make sure your home’s air conditioning system is also freshened up for the extensive use it will see in the coming months. Here’s a helpful list of things to check up and check out to make sure you have a nice, cool season ahead of you this year.

Give your unit room to breathe. A clean, well kept area outside of your home around your condenser will help the machine run properly. Make sure to clean any debris around your unit that might have accumulated over fall and winter. Trim back overgrown shrubbery and pull any unruly weeds from around the perimeter as well.

Check your drain line. Another thing to be mindful of when preparing your air conditioning system for summer is maintaining a clean drain line. Take a look at the drain pan, located inside the air handler. Using a flashlight (if necessary), check the opening of the condensation drain line for anything that would clog the line. Next, clean the drain pan out, noting any condensation in the pan. If you find condensation in the pan, it is possible that your line is clogged. You can pour a cup of bleach in the access opening of the drain line to help eradicate any mold, mildew or algae that has formed in the line.

Restock your filter cache. The monthly filter change is one of the easiest (and also most forgotten) things you can do to ensure proper maintenance and operation of your home air conditioning system. It can be as easy as setting a monthly reminder in your phone, or marking your calendar. Your air conditioning system circulates a tremendous volume of air each day, and with that air comes dust, pollen and pet dander. Over time, these particles can accumulate in the ducts and restrict air flow, and also cause your unit to work harder than it needs to — which can lead to costly repairs if left unchecked.

We’ve given you a few things to add to your spring cleaning checklist. Come back next week for a few more money-saving tips on your air conditioning maintenance, or give us a call and we can schedule an HVAC professional to help you in person!

Knocking Allergens out of Your Home

Knocking Allergens out of Your Home

Spring is in full swing and around here, that means it’s peak allergy season. Everytime you step outside, you can see the evidence that Mother Nature is waking up from her winter nap by the yellow sheen of pollen that coats most every vehicle on the block. Pet fur is being shed by the pound and with all the dust getting kicked up cleaning out the house it’s a veritable category 5 sneeze-a-caine waiting to explode at any minute!

Ok, maybe we are being slightly melodramatic here, but it is that time of year where allergies are wreaking havoc on many of us, so your friends at Bold City Heating and Air are here to share a few tips with you. Here are some ways you can pack an extra punch when it comes to knocking allergens out of your home this season.

Beating back allergies starts from the ground up. Properly cleaning your floors is a critical battleground in the war against allergens. Between pets, kids, and your own two feet the floor of your home is a haven for all the little things that can cause problems for your health. Dirt, dust, pollen and pet dander have ample places to accumulate, especially if you have carpet. Weekly vacuuming and dusting are a big help. Look for a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Annual carpet shampooing can help defend against build-up of allergens as well. Keeping your pets clean and well-groomed is beneficial, too.

Dust with technique and breathe easier. Remember that movie “The Karate Kid”? An older janitor teaches a young man about life through karate…..and chores. Now these dusting tips won’t help you become a black belt in karate, but they will help you kick some extra dust out of your dojo. Use a good, absorbent cloth that will not just move dust particles around, but actually trap them and remove them from surfaces. Another great tip is to turn your thermostat to ON instead of AUTO while you dust. This will help trap the dust that doesn’t end up in your cloth in your filtration system instead of just getting blown all through the house. Don’t forget to turn it back to auto when you’re done!

Call on your friends. Speaking of your AC, don’t hesitate to call on your trusted professionals to make sure your HVAC system is cleaned and well-maintained annually. This will help keep potential airborne particles from giving you and your families fits when Spring brings the sneezes and stuffy noses. Bold City Heating and Air is your team to call on when your ready to tackle those Spring cleaning duties the right way. We will ensure your HVAC system is running smooth and running clean, and that will keep you and your family stay cooler this year.

Earth is calling, are you ready to answer?

Earth is calling, are you ready to answer?

With Earth Day coming up this month, now is the perfect time to reevaluate your HVAC system to look for ways to save energy, making your home as efficient as possible. In most cases, heating and cooling components are the most substantial energy inputs for most residences, so it’s an area where cutting back can have a significant impact not only on your energy bill, but also our planet’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Get ready for Earth Day with these planet friendly tips for your HVAC system:

Tune it up: It’s important to service your air conditioning unit when the seasons change, so you know that everything is working at peak efficiency. No one wants to waste energy, especially due to preventable causes such as system malfunction, duct obstruction or simply a dirty filter.

Climate control: Having a set, energy efficient temperature in your home can help minimize your consumption, and reduce your impact on climate change. So, if you can take the heat of an indoor temperature of 78 degrees or higher, not only will you save money but you will also reduce your energy usage. If you have a whole house fan, opening up the house in the mornings and turning on ceiling fans can also bring the temperature down, without using your AC. Smart thermostats are also a great way to manage your energy consumption – and it takes all the thinking out of home temperature management. These devices have been shown to shave hundreds of dollars off annual energy bills.

Fortify the homefront: Heating and cooling does little good if you can’t keep it inside your house! Most homes that lack proper insulation usually lose their hard earned indoor climate through the roof, walls or windows. So, if you’re wondering whether your home is properly insulated, check with the experts. A quick spray insulation could be an inexpensive way to beef up your indoor climate retention, saving you money and sweat. Add in a quick sweep to check any cracks around windows or doors, to seal up any pesky leaks with some weather stripping, for good measure.

Tricks for “passive cooling”: When the summer sun starts to heat up your home, you can reduce the load on your air conditioner with some strategic shading. Try closing the curtains over sunny windows during the day to turn the heat away, then opening the windows at night so the cooler air can help draw down the temperature in your house.

For more helpful advice on HVAC seasonal transitions, have one of our professionals perform an energy audit in order to know exactly where changes could be beneficial to your home and for the planet. Call Bold City Heating & Air for more energy-saving tips or visit our AC services page here to see how we can help. You can also call us anytime at (904) 299-8684.