5 Easy Solutions to A Whistling Air Duct

Whistling isn’t always an unpleasant sound. When it’s a small child who just learned how to do it, or if a loved one is whistling their favorite song (mostly in tune, at least), whistling may be something you altogether don’t mind.

Until it’s your air vents making those high-pitched noises, that is.

Typically, an air vent will make a whistling sound when it is starved of proper air flow, resulting in an increase in both air pressure and velocity.

So, to end the whistling sound, you essentially have to open the airways back up. Here are a few ways you might accomplish that:

  1. Change Your Air Filter

    Dirty air filters won’t just degrade the level of air quality in your home — they’ll block airflow and make it harder for your vents to “breathe.” An easy fix may simply be to buy a new air filter.

  2. Clean Your Return Vent

    The return vent is the vent that sucks air from your home and into the HVAC system itself. But dust, debris, and other allergens can block the flow of air in this area, so it may behoove you to check the vent and simply dust it out.

  3. Open Your Supply Vent

    The return vent is the other end of the equation: it’s the one that blows conditioned air back into your home. But many people, particularly if their thermostat is set low, might shut these vents to mitigate cold air flow. But this can hinder your system’s overall efficiency and create whistling, so you’ll want to open these vents back up.

  4. Check the Position of Your Dampers

    Dampers are metal valves that provide you more control over the A/C in your home, as you can shut them off to prevent airflow to a certain area. However, this presents a similar problem to that of your supply vent — when they’re shut, they can cause whistling. Consider keeping them open to see if they end the noise.

  5. Clean Your Ducts

    Dust, debris, and even small toys or other objects might sneak their way into the ducts of your supply vent side. Try cleaning out the ducts or removing any objects blocking the airflow in that area before you grab your earplugs.

While these five solutions are easy DIY fixes, there could also be some causes of the whistling that you need to turn to a professional to fix. An oversized system, for instance, or an issue with your blower wheel might merit another phone call.

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