What to do when the air conditioner was in flood water

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With the recent flood waters from hurricane Irma in areas: Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra and Ponte Vedra Beach – what to do with your air conditioner?

First, always keep your safety in mind. You’re probably anxious to get into your home and start the restoration process after the flood. However, it is important to take the time and do a thorough assessment of your property.

Here are 3 factors to consider when trying to determine if you need to call Bold City for AC Repair:


First, determine how long was the condenser and compressor under water.

The longer it was flooded, the greater the chance is of inside components were damaged.


Secondly, is there debris in equipment?

Is there debris that got into your condenser coils, cage, compressor area or electrical panel? If so, it is recommended you call a certified air conditioning contractor to restore your air conditioner.


Finally, was there a power surge or loss/intermittent electricity to the unit?

This could result in damages to your air conditioner if you do not have a compressor surge protector installed. Surge protectors are inexpensive yet very effective way of protecting your air conditioning system.

It saves the A/C  from suffering damages from low voltage issues and/or lightening.


If heavy rains and flooding affects your home in Jacksonville or the Beaches, call Bold City Heating & Air at (904) 379-1648 or click here to schedule an appointment.


We will  restore your A/C and ensure that further damages are prevented.

Additionally, if there was flooding in your area, there is a big change there is excessive humidity.

These are ideal conditions for mold, mildew and germicidal to form in your duct system. It is recommended to get your air ducts cleaned and sanitized when restoring from a storm, flood or water exposure to your unit.