Buying a home? Get an HVAC inspection!

Buying a home? Get an HVAC inspection.

As if home buying wasn’t complicated enough, we are about to lay some information on you that will add one more element to the home buying experience. But, don’t be mad! This addition could save you a major headache and possibly some money in the end. So, hear us out!

When you are about ready to purchase a home, it’s pretty standard these days to get a home inspection – to make sure everything is on the ‘up and up’. It also provides peace of mind, knowing you are purchasing a sound structure. And, if the inspection sheds some light on some areas that need work, you can use that to your advantage when it comes time to negotiate the terms of purchase. That being said, it may come as a surprise to you that many home inspections rarely include a complete and comprehensive HVAC inspection. They will check to make sure all is in working order, but depending on the season, this system check could fall short.

So, it is recommended that you procure a secondary inspection of the HVAC system in the home you are considering, to ensure the system is in full, safe, working order. These are intricate systems, and if they’re not thoroughly examined, you could experience unexpected and costly problems. Don’t put yourself in a position to get caught by surprise. You have enough to worry about when purchasing a home, so unexpected expenses should not make that list. Catching a problem on the front end with your HVAC is an easy fix, as opposed to a major repair or replacement later on in your system’s lifespan.

Bold City Heating & Air offers home inspections any time of year, whether you’re buying, selling, or just want to see what’s going on in there. We’ve got you covered. Knowing what to expect is a tremendous stress reliever in a very stressful world – and establishing a trusting relationship with your local HVAC experts can ease the burden of home ownership.

So, if buying a house is in your future, consider an additional HVAC inspection by your friends at Bold City Heating & Air, and experience the BOLD difference.