Choosing A New Thermostat: What You Need To Know

Choosing A New Thermostat: What You Need To Know

You may not often need to do a double take to reconsider whether or not you need a new thermostat. After all, in comparison to all of the other parts of your HVAC unit that may need more immediate replacing, the thermostat can be rendered all but an afterthought. However, it may be time to purchase a new one if you’re upgrading your HVAC system or if your current thermostat doesn’t offer all of the features you want.

Moreover, thermostats tend to malfunction on their own once they reach the ripe age of ten years old, as not even this type of technology is immune to the defects that come with the passage of time. That being said, what should you consider or keep in mind when choosing a new thermostat?

To start, your first step is going to be hunting for thermostats that are compatible with your current HVAC system, or new system if you’re upgrading. Not only will the console need to fit your wall space, but it needs to match your system’s voltage as well as include the appropriate heating and air capacity. If you’re not sure what this looks like, be sure to contact your local professionals, like Bold City Heating and Air!

During this hunt, be sure to also consider the specifics. Do you want a programmable thermostat? A traditional, manual thermostat? Or maybe even a smart thermostat? In all, the level of control you desire over your unit is going to help you narrow down your prospective systems, so research the current market thoroughly and have an idea of what the ideal thermostat looks like to you.

Finally, always be sure to call for professional help when it comes to installation. Not only will this serve the purpose of making the whole process easier, but it will also ensure the safety of all parties involved. Plus, if your new thermostat is not installed properly, a variety of new problems will begin to pop up over time: HVAC malfunctions, continual repairs, higher energy bills, less control over your home, and more.

If you’re not sure who to call when it comes to finding HVAC and thermostat advice or maintenance, just contact Bold City Heating and Air! We’re a locally owned and trusted company, so call us today to schedule an inspection and experience the bold difference!