Defeating Dust In Your Home: What You Can Do Differently

Defeating Dust In Your Home: What You Can Do Differently

If your feather duster is your weapon of choice, we commend you on your commitment to dusting and cleaning your home! But, sadly, a feather duster won’t arm you properly against poor indoor air quality if you’re not approaching your HVAC system correctly.

We get it — defeating the dust bunnies ravaging your home and health can feel impossible, especially when you’re contending with whatever pollutants blow through the front door with you on any given day. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

So, before you reach for yet another allergy pill, here are three steps you can take to reduce the dust and improve the air quality in your home first:

Clean Out Your Ducts

Nothing makes you realize just how behind you are on your spring cleaning than… when summer rolls around. Seasonal changes aside, you know you’ve officially hit the, “it’s been too long” mark when you dust and dust and dust, but your sniffles just always come back around.

Step one to reducing dust is to simply catch up on cleaning out your ducts and ventilation system — take those particles out of circulation completely.

Seal Your Ducts

You’ve cleaned out your ducts? That’s great! Now, the key is to maintain them. Leaking air ducts are one of the most common sources of perpetual dust, which is why step two is to have your ducts sealed by a professional so that more dust isn’t simply pulled back into your system post-cleaning.

And if you’re not sure whether duct-sealing is warranted, we recommend you schedule a routine duct inspection with your local professionals.

Take Advantage of Your Thermostat

While you’re dusting your home, you can actually find a little help in the form of your thermostat. By switching your thermostat’s fan to the “ON” position, the blower will circulate air continually throughout your home, essentially pushing dust particles back through the return vent and trapping them in an air filter, making it easier to remove them altogether.

Once you’re done dusting, however, remember to switch your fan back to “AUTO” so that you don’t waste extra energy!

If you’re struggling to keep up with the battle to keep your home dust-free, know that you don’t have to give in to relentless sneezing and wheezing. Instead, be sure to call Bold City Heating and Air today! When you schedule an appointment with the company who offers best air conditioning repair Jacksonville FL, you’ll experience the bold difference both in and around your home.