Dispelling 3 Common Myths On Cooling

Dispelling 3 Common Myths On Cooling

Fall may be upon us, but any native Floridian knows that the Sunshine State will remain a sweltering environment for several months to come. That being said, your efforts to keep your home cool will stay firmly in place until the temperature finally starts to reflect the season. And while you may have some preconceived notions on how best to stave off bills that rocket with the daily projected highs, we’re here to bust some myths that may actually cost you more.

MYTH:“If I switch my system back and forth between “OFF” and “ON,” I’m just wasting my money.”

REALITY: On the contrary—by leaving your system running to keep your home cool while you’re out and about, you’re actually running the risk of increasing your energy bills. Contrary to popular opinion, your HVAC system will not work harder or spend extra energy to cool your home back down if it was left in the “OFF” position while you were gone. Particularly when you’re away for extended periods of time, turning your HVAC system off when you’re not home will actually save you money and take little to no extra effort to circulate cool air again.

MYTH:“My home will cool down faster if I set the thermostat lower.”

REALITY: Simply put, your unit will take the same amount of time to cool your home down, regardless what temperature you set your thermostat to. If anything, your unit will run for longer periods of time—rather than faster—meaning you could actually lose money by trying to push it to act quicker. Moreover, you might waste even more energy and more money if you forget to change your settings back to your usual preferred temperature.

MYTH: “I can save money by closing the vents in the rooms I don’t use often.”

REALITY: By doing this you’re actually suffocating your HVAC system (thereby damaging it) and burning through energy (thereby raising your bill). This myth, in particular, is one of the most commonly believed and, by attempting it, you’ll be increasing the amount of pressure placed on your ducts by impeding your unit’s ability to “breathe out.” Your indoor blower may end up with damage, which in itself costs money, but you’re also forcing your HVAC system to work in an inefficient manner, increasing the amount you’ll have to pay for your energy bill.

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