Don’t Let Your Wallet Feel The Heat: Summer Energy Saving Tips

Don’t Let Your Wallet Feel The Heat: Summer Energy Saving Tips

We all know the allure of a heat-induced afternoon nap. Whether you’ve been mowing the lawn, watching the kids at swim practice, or just going for a walk, being out in the summer heat for too long during the day can really suck the energy out of you.

But does it have to suck the energy from your home and your wallet, too? The answer is no! Not if you take the right steps:

Watch your windows

One of the easiest ways to save money on cooling costs is to simply seal and cover your windows. Blackout curtains will deny entry of sunlight in your home, reducing the need for cooling by virtue of designing your own indoor shade. Also, be sure to check around your window edges, where cracks and structural inconsistencies can be the culprit for unwanted warm air flow — if you come across any leaks, use caulk as a quick and efficient DIY solution.

Program your temperature changes

Setting your thermostat to “cool” is the natural action to take when lounging around at home in the mornings and evenings. But during the day, you’re likely away at work while the kids are at camp or with a friend. When nobody is home, you can actually save money by turning your HVAC system off or setting your thermostat to a higher temperature. Particularly if you have a Smart Thermostat, you can program is to start cooling down prior to your return at the end of the day.

Invest in preventative maintenance

Nobody wants to be drenched in sweat and fuming further when their HVAC system breaks down during the blistering summer months. By investing in preventative maintenance, you’re not only prolonging the life of your AC system — thus avoiding costly replacements — but you’ll actually be saving your money by increasing your system’s overall efficiency. And as a bonus? You may actually protect your warranty, as many systems require annual maintenance by a qualified professional to stay active.

If you’re ready to start prepping your HVAC system for the summer, contact Bold City Heating and Air. We’re a locally owned and trusted company, so call us today to schedule your pre-summer inspection and experience the bold difference!

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