Extending the Life of Your Air Filter

Your air filter isn’t just key in ensuring that the air you breathe is clean — it’s also a crucial component with regard to your HVAC’s overall functionality and long-term longevity.

This is why it’s important that you be mindful of your air filter, it’s quality, and it’s overall lifespan.

A clean and well-maintained air filter will translate to a clean and well-maintained home, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it! Here are a few easy ways to do so:

Keep your air conditioning fan set to “AUTO”

When your A/C fan is set to the “ON” position, it’s going to be blowing continually, rather than only when it needs to. This alone can be an energy (and money) waster, but it also will grind down on your air filter’s lifespan much quicker.

Because air is being sucked in and cycled through on a non-stop loop by your blower, your air filter is going to absorb contaminants at a faster rate, thereby clogging it and also forcing your system to work harder.

Setting your fan to “AUTO” will not only mitigate this issue and expand the overall lifespan of your filter, but it will also help your entire HVAC unit to run more efficiently.

Set regular replacement reminders

The fact that a person needs to replace their air filter at regular intervals is mostly common knowledge.

But forgetting to replace that filter in a timely manner is also common.

Depending on your home’s indoor air quality and your personal health, it’s important to have an idea how often you want to replace your air filter. Once you’ve determined that timeframe, setting an alarm on your phone or writing the chore into your calendar is a simple way to remember to change the air filter, thereby reducing the likelihood that yours will become clogged, wet, or otherwise damaged.

Know your household’s requirement and plan accordingly

Did you know not all air filters are created equal? This is because they are not a “one size fits all” type of item. For one, you need to know what specific filter measurements fit your unit in order to ensure maximum dirt and dust reduction.

For two, you actually have a variety of air filter options based on filter rate and strength.

In this case, you’ll be looking out for the MERV rating, which indicates just how many particles your unit can catch (and how big those particles can be).

  • MERV 1 through 4 filters are the most common in households, though the least effective.
  • MERV 5 through 8 filters will function more efficiently overall.
  • MERV 9 through 12 filters will be the most effective at improving and maintaining healthy indoor air quality.

But what else helps to expand the life of your air filter? Routine HVAC maintenance! If you’re ready to schedule a maintenance appointment for your HVAC unit, call Bold City Heating and Air today at (904) 379-1648! Not only are we your locally trusted heating and air conditioning experts in repair, maintenance, and installation, but we’re dedicated to helping you experience the bold difference!