Freshen Up Your Air Conditioner: Part 2

Freshen Up Your Air Conditioner: Part 2

Last week we began covering our checklist on properly preparing your air conditioning unit for another season of battling the blistering heat of summertime in Florida. We discussed the need to keep a tidy, debris-free area outside around your unit. We also explained how to check and clean you air conditioning unit’s drain line. Finally, we stressed how easy (yet also important) it is to change your filter each month.

This week, we will cover the final items left on our pre-summer air conditioning unit checklist. Follow along and you’ll have an air conditioning system that will help you stay cool all summer long!

Discoloration is not your friend. If you look up at your central air vents and notice discoloration around them, you are looking at a condensation issue. This could be caused by air ducts that don’t have enough (or any) duct insulation. It gets hot in your attic during the summer, and air ducts that are improperly insulated allow condensation to form when the hot air in your attic comes into contact with the air ducts that are circulating cool air throughout your home. This can lead to rot and further damage to your drywall and home insulation.

Don’t block return vents.Many people make rearranging their furniture a part of their annual spring cleaning routine. Most people know that blocking air conditioning supply vents will make it tougher to cool a room down. But surprisingly, many people don’t think twice about covering or blocking the return vents. This can lead to a myriad of potential problems for your air conditioning unit. Things like frozen coils and the extra effort your unit will require to try to cool your home can lead to diminished efficiency and potential failure of your air conditioning system.

Call in the pros.The most important thing to make a part of your annual routine maintenance checklist for your home air conditioning system is to schedule a semi-annual system maintenance with one of our trained and trusted professionals from Bold City Heating and Air. We can do everything on this list and more to make sure you and your family have your coolest summer ever this year, and in the years to come. Set an appointment today here on the website, or give us a call and we’ll set the appointment for you!