Help! What’s the black stuff coming out of my air conditioner?

Maybe it’s time to look up — at your air conditioning vents, that is. If you’ve been noticing a consistent output of black particles from your HVAC system, it may be easy to let your fears slowly build up alongside the matter on your vents, but we think it’s time to eliminate both.

So, you may be wondering: what exactly are those black particles? It could actually be several things! Potentially, it’s …

It’s What’s In the Air

Sometimes the culprit of the black particles blowing out of your HVAC system is not a result of the HVAC itself; rather, it’s the result of what’s near to your system.

For example, if you have a fireplace or multiple candles in your home, soot and smoke may be inadvertently sucked in and trapped within your system, only to be spat back out as “that black stuff.”

Dark dust particles that tend to float about your home or behind your ducts may also get pulled in, meaning the dark particles aren’t a threat to your health so much as they are an indication that you need to clean your home and change your air filter.

It’s Mold Spores

A more concerning problem — and a threat to your health — mold spores are commonly found in your air conditioning system because it is dark, moist, and warm by default.

That humidity means mold will naturally grow in and around your ducts, leading to its circulation around your home when the air conditioning fan pulls it in. Mold can also end up trapped around the fan motor itself, leading to its perpetual presence until your system is cleaned thoroughly by a professional.

You’ll notice mold because the spores are more likely to appear as black flakes around your vents, rather than as dusty particles.

It’s What’s Inside of Your Unit

When the components of your HVAC are burned or otherwise deteriorating, that breakdown will make itself known as black particles.

Deteriorating duct liners, for instance, will be easily carried through air conditioning vents and may even end up on your walls. Meanwhile, a burnt component — such as a heat exchanger — will produce soot internally, resulting in black particles that appear more like ash than dust.

In this case, you may need to completely replace a component or overhaul your system.

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