Here’s the Best way to VOID your Furnace Warranty

Here’s the Best way to VOID your Furnace Warranty

Warranties are great. Oftentimes, they soften the blow when it comes to the purchase of most major appliances, like a furnace, for example. BUT the tricky thing about most warranties is the fine print. Most furnace manufacturers will void your warranty if you don’t schedule annual maintenance – and you don’t want that.


Luckily, your experts here at Bold City Heating & Air are here to help make sure that doesn’t happen. We know how to ensure you maintain your warranty, and we’re here to provide the necessary inspections required by these companies to keep the warranty valid. You see, manufacturers are fully aware that if a system hasn’t been maintained regularly, not only will your system need more repairs, but it will also likely break down, or die permanently. Basically, the manufacturers don’t want to pay for something that could have been prevented through routine maintenance. Now, not all manufacturers require annual maintenance, but most do – so if you are not sure, you should follow up with your HVAC installer to check warranty requirements.


The More You Know:

If you’re on the right track with maintaining your furnace, here are a couple more things you can do to stay in good standing with the manufacturer. The first would be to register your product, if you haven’t already done so. Most installers should do this for you, but it’s a good practice to follow up and do it yourself as well. You should simply need to locate the model and serial number and find the “product registration” page on their website.


Next would be to ALWAYS use a licensed professional, such as the experts at Bold City Heating & Air for all of your HVAC needs. Not only will this ensure that you get the best quality of work, but you will also cover all of your bases by satisfying this requirement from the manufacturer.


So, let’s keep those warranties, and work together to make sure your furnace is running smoothly for years to come! Call Bold City Heating & Air today at 904.299.8684 to discuss all your HVAC needs, and remember to ask about our Preferred Customer Program.


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