Here’s the “Bold” Guide to Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is extremely difficult to detect. This odorless, colorless, toxic flammable gas has been dubbed the “silent killer” due to the fact that if there’s a leak, it is undetectable by our five senses. Due to the fact that CO is used in most household appliances including air and water heaters, as well as gas stoves and fireplaces, the prevalence of this gas in homes poses a real threat at all times. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), During 2010–2015, a total of 2,244 deaths resulted from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning, with the highest numbers of deaths each year occurring in winter months.

We at Bold City Heating and Air believe it is our privilege and responsibility to keep our friends and clients as safe as possible, so here are some tips to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in your own home.

Install CO detectors in your home

Florida statute requires that Carbon Monoxide detectors be installed in any home or addition built after 2008. So more than likely, you should already have them, but if not, please go out and purchase a couple right away. The law states they should be installed within 10 feet of each room used for sleeping purposes a good rule of thumb is to replace batteries every six months (Spring forward, fall back, change batteries) to make sure they remain operable.

Check your HVAC vents for proper air flow

It may be tempting to close some air vents around the house to save money, thinking that if the air is blocked, you’ll use less energy. Well, unfortunately that is not the case. In order for your system to work properly, you need to make sure all vents are open and unobstructed. Not only can a blocked vent actually drive the cost of your heating and air up, but it can also cause your furnace to over work and inevitably, overheat. This can lead to a cracked heat exchanger, which could allow Carbon Monoxide to leak into your home. So, long story short, keep all the vents open people.

Schedule regular maintenance

The best way to ensure your system is working properly, and in order to prevent any leaks or mishaps, it’s a good idea to schedule regular system maintenance every year by a professional, or better yet, call the experts at Bold City Heating & Air and we will get you set up right! Give us a call at 904.299.8684 and experience the BOLD difference.

No matter which system you use, the primary benefits of a smart thermostat is the ability to save money and preserve energy efficiency for your household. And here’s an industry tip, in order to get the most out of your smart thermostat, give Bold City Heating & Air a call at 904.299.8684 and we will perform a system inspection to make sure your home is running as efficiently as possible.


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