Now that summer is here, you can anticipate walking out your front door and being slammed by a wall of humid air just about every morning, even if the sun hasn’t been up all that long.

One of the most common (and dreaded) factors about Florida weather, the humidity, is usually only escapable upon setting foot indoors and closing the door securely behind you. But what if it’s still humid in your home?

Why isn’t your HVAC system dehumidifying the air as it should?

  1. Your refrigerant is leaking
    A refrigerant leak is actually one of the most common air conditioning problems. Refrigerant is a working fluid that serves to remove heat and moisture from your home and effectively move it back outside.But your refrigerant lines are susceptible to daily wear and therefore… daily tear. And when they’re a little older, they’ll likely leak or lose overall cooling power, meaning your home will remain more humid until they are properly repaired.
  2. Your ducts are leaky

    If the rooms in your home are only becoming increasingly difficult to cool or heat during a given season, leaky ductwork may be to blame. When your ducts are not secure at the joints or are otherwise not properly sealed, outdoor air is going to pass more easily both in and out of your home, meaning you’ll be out of control of the indoor temperature and also out of more money as your electric bill begins to skyrocket.

    If you’ve noticed humidity creeping in where it shouldn’t, consider calling your local professionals to come and test your ducts for leaks. They can then seal or repair them accordingly.

  3. Your evaporator coils are dirty
    Evaporator coils perform a similar task to that of your refrigerant — they’re designed to absorb surrounding heat and moisture, rendering your home both cooler and drier. When your coils get dirty, however, they won’t be able to do their job. Thus, the humidity will move back in pretty quickly and spoil your summer comfort.If you believe your coils are covered in a layer of grime, you’ll want to hire a reputable air conditioning company to come out and clean them properly.

Don’t let the sweltering heat bog you back down. If you’re tired of the humidity and ready to take advantage of a free air conditioning estimate, contact Bold City Heating and Air today! Not only are we your trusted heating and air conditioning Jacksonville FL experts in repair, maintenance, and installation, but we’re dedicated to helping you experience the bold difference.