How Does the Florida Humidity Affect Your HVAC, and What Should You Do About It?

How Does the Florida Humidity Affect Your HVAC, and What Should You Do About It?

Any native Floridian will tell you that the humidity is one of the main reasons the Florida heat can feel so intense and suffocating the moment you walk out the door. Going back inside is sometimes the only way to find reprieve from the oppressive weather, especially as air conditioning units are specifically designed to cool your home by removing moisture from the air. But, particularly as hurricane season goes into full swing and moisture seeps back in, how does the humidity affect your HVAC’s ability to function properly?

Put simply, an increase in indoor humidity will negatively impact your HVAC unit. This is because the more moisture there is, the more energy has to be expended in order for your unit to effectively cool the air. Therefore, not only will your energy bill go up, but you will also run the risk of overextending your unit and its evaporator coils. When you force your HVAC unit to work beyond its own ability, it won’t be able to function and the air in your home will more than likely continue to feel warm and uncomfortable.

To prevent this, there are a few different things you can do. For one, you can install an actual dehumidifier onto your air conditioner. This way, your HVAC unit has to work less to remove moisture, and temperature control and humidity control are controlled all in the same place.

Additionally, you can keep the fan setting on your thermostat in the “AUTO” position, not the “ON” position. This way, your fan won’t be running constantly; rather, the fan will not continue working between cooling cycles and your evaporator coils will have time to drain. In other words, running your unit on “AUTO” allows your system to run more efficiently and reduce your energy usage.

Finally, you should try to change your air filter regularly. As dust and dirt builds up in your filter, your unit will basically become clogged and ineffective in its attempts to remove moisture from the air. You can usually adhere to changing your filter every couple of months, though the more intense the humidity becomes, the more often you’ll want to check it.

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