Is this thing on..?

Is this thing on..?

The last thing you want to be asking yourself in the middle of winter: Is my heat pump working? Fortunately, we can provide you with a couple of “quick fixes” or troubleshoots to check for yourself. And if you just can’t wait, then of course, call the experts at Bold City Heating & Air, and we will come check it out for you.


Troubleshoot number one:

If your heat pump is reaching the temperature you set, but it doesn’t feel warm exiting the vents, your body is actually playing a little trick on you! And, the good news is, your heat pump is working just fine! We’ve noticed many of our customers calling to ask whether their heater or furnace is working properly based on simply feeling the air exiting the vents. Properly working heat pumps blow air that is warm, but at a temperature that can feel cold to us. They usually produce air anywhere from 85-93°F, but because our body temperature is higher than that, around 98.6°F, that air feels “cold” to the touch.


Troubleshoot number two:

If your heat pump is not reaching your set temperature, it’s entirely possible you could be dealing with one of these likely suspects:


Outside unit is blocked – Your heat pump pulls air from the outside into your home. If it is struggling with the airflow due to the outdoor unit being blocked by debris, that could explain the issue. Simply inspect the outside unit, and remove any blockages you might see that could be leading to improper airflow, and the problem should be solved.


Refrigerant charge is low – Now, this might sound like an oxymoron, however, your heat pump pulls heat into your home through refrigerant. Therefore, if your refrigerant levels are low, your heat pump will have a hard time bringing enough heat into your home to warm it up properly. Unfortunately, for a problem such as this, you’ll need a heating technician to come out and evaluate your refrigerant levels to determine if the system needs to be recharged. If levels turn out to be low, there is likely a leak that will need to be fixed.


Air filter is dirty – Air filters catch dust, debris, and other yucky stuff that’s floating around in our air. And eventually, all filters fill up which can lead to an airflow issue. So, check your air filter and change it out if necessary. We recommend replacing the filter every three months, as a good rule of thumb.


If you’re having any issues or have some more questions, give the experts at Bold City Heating & Air a call at 904.299.8684 – we’ll be happy to come out and take a look.