Knocking Allergens out of Your Home

Knocking Allergens out of Your Home

Spring is in full swing and around here, that means it’s peak allergy season. Everytime you step outside, you can see the evidence that Mother Nature is waking up from her winter nap by the yellow sheen of pollen that coats most every vehicle on the block. Pet fur is being shed by the pound and with all the dust getting kicked up cleaning out the house it’s a veritable category 5 sneeze-a-caine waiting to explode at any minute!

Ok, maybe we are being slightly melodramatic here, but it is that time of year where allergies are wreaking havoc on many of us, so your friends at Bold City Heating and Air are here to share a few tips with you. Here are some ways you can pack an extra punch when it comes to knocking allergens out of your home this season.

Beating back allergies starts from the ground up. Properly cleaning your floors is a critical battleground in the war against allergens. Between pets, kids, and your own two feet the floor of your home is a haven for all the little things that can cause problems for your health. Dirt, dust, pollen and pet dander have ample places to accumulate, especially if you have carpet. Weekly vacuuming and dusting are a big help. Look for a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Annual carpet shampooing can help defend against build-up of allergens as well. Keeping your pets clean and well-groomed is beneficial, too.

Dust with technique and breathe easier. Remember that movie “The Karate Kid”? An older janitor teaches a young man about life through karate…..and chores. Now these dusting tips won’t help you become a black belt in karate, but they will help you kick some extra dust out of your dojo. Use a good, absorbent cloth that will not just move dust particles around, but actually trap them and remove them from surfaces. Another great tip is to turn your thermostat to ON instead of AUTO while you dust. This will help trap the dust that doesn’t end up in your cloth in your filtration system instead of just getting blown all through the house. Don’t forget to turn it back to auto when you’re done!

Call on your friends. Speaking of your AC, don’t hesitate to call on your trusted professionals to make sure your HVAC system is cleaned and well-maintained annually. This will help keep potential airborne particles from giving you and your families fits when Spring brings the sneezes and stuffy noses. Bold City Heating and Air is your team to call on when your ready to tackle those Spring cleaning duties the right way. We will ensure your HVAC system is running smooth and running clean, and that will keep you and your family stay cooler this year.