Money Saving Tips To Keep You Cool

Here are some money saving tips for your air conditioning system. If your A/C quits working, check these items before you call an ac repair company:


Check your breaker panel to see if your breakers are on. Ensure that no breaker tripped


Is it clean? If not, replace immediately. If wet, call an AC company.

  1. Proper filtration
    • Removes particles, dust and debris from your home
    • Protects evaporator coil, blower wheel/motor and air distribution system
    • Allows system to work at peak efficiency
    • Most common causes of breakdowns in summer:
      • Wrong filter size
      • No filter
      • Dirty filter
  2. Improper filtration leads to:
  • High electric bill
  • Extra wear on tear on the system(shortens lifespan)
  • Forces compressor to work in overload leading to burn-out and overheating
  • Iced coils – flood/water damage to drywall and flooring
  • High humidity (sticky feeling indoors)
  • Major component break-downs


If your thermostat is blank, your drain line is clogged and triggered a safety float switch to shut your unit off.

Check your settings:

Your fan should ALWAYS be set to AUTO. Due to the high humidity in Florida, it is not recommended to have it on the “ON” position

Refrigerant lines:

Look for frost or ice on your copper lines. If you see any, shut your unit off immediately and call us at 904-379-1648.