My Air Filter Is Wet. What Do I Do Now?

It’s common to take a peek at the various parts of your HVAC system and wonder, “Is that… normal?” But if you’re staring intently at your air filter and scratching at your head, chances are, whatever it is, it’s not normal. For instance, your air filter is not supposed to be wet. If it is, that means you likely have a clogged condensate drain line and your filter could actually be aiding in the spread of mold and mildew around your home. So, if your filter is wet, what exactly should you do?

For starters, change the filter immediately. As stated above, mold and mildew are going to love a sponge-like filter, and the moisture will certainly seep into the ductwork of your property and also decrease the indoor air quality around your home. Plus, your HVAC system’s efficiency is going to take a hit if your filter isn’t dry. That is, the heavier and more contaminated your filter is, the less air is going to be able to actually pass through the way it’s supposed to. The more this builds up, the longer and harder you system will have to work, thus increasing the overall cost of your energy bill.

Next, you’ll want to have your condensate drain unclogged, otherwise you’ll never be able to keep your filters dry. You can do this yourself by locating the PVC pipe attached to the outside of your house that allows for your system to drain and using a wet vac to clear it all out. Simply attach the wet vac to the drain, cover the connection in order to make it airtight, and run the wet vac repeatedly for about 10 seconds at a time until your system is unclogged.

Otherwise, you can always call local professionals to help you do this in a manner that is efficient and safe on your system! If you are having an issue with your HVAC system or simply need to schedule routine maintenance, contact Bold City Heating and Air! We’re a locally owned and trusted Jacksonville company, and we want you to experience the bold difference!