Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are the way of the future, and bring with them a multitude of benefits from saving you money to ease of use. Over time, they can become your personal temperature assistants, learning your habits and anticipating your needs!

Here are some benefits of upgrading your home system to using a smart thermostat.

It’s Easy

They say change isn’t always easy, but in this case, they’re wrong. Installation is a breeze, and most systems come with an accompanying app to help you seamlessly transition to efficiency. Contrary to what you might think, if you’re feeling intimidated, most smart thermostats install just like your old one did. You simply pop off your old thermostat, and plug in your new one, most installations should take less than 30 minutes. Then you’re off to the races in savings!

Fast Learners

No matter which system you choose, they all have the same basic abilities to learn your habits and self-adjust after a period of time. By intelligently monitoring your use, they can learn when you wake up in the morning, and at what temperature you like to sleep. The apps that accompany these devices can follow your phone to know when you’re out of the house. With this knowledge, the thermostat can then self-adjust to a more energy efficient temperature when you and your family are out of the house. Whether we like it or not, humans are creatures of habit, but with smart thermostats, that can turn into increased efficiency and comfort.

Money Saver

After the initial investment, smart thermostats are designed to save you money, and lots of it. Some systems boast an average savings of 10% to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills after only two years of use. Because these devices have the ability to learn your routines, they quickly adapt to life as you know it, they become an active member of the household, adjusting the temperatures for you based on how you like it! Along with the ability to make adjustments remotely, as well as track your usage, energy efficiency and progress, you’ll notice the ease and comfort, but you’ll love the savings!

No matter which system you use, the primary benefits of a smart thermostat is the ability to save money and preserve energy efficiency for your household. And here’s an industry tip, in order to get the most out of your smart thermostat, give Bold City Heating & Air a call at 904.299.8684 and we will perform a system inspection to make sure your home is running as efficiently as possible.