Space Heaters: Good Idea, or Energy Sucker?

Space Heaters: Good Idea, or Energy Sucker?

Are you a fan of space heaters? Some people love them, and small dogs too, those little guys can never get enough of that concentrated blasting of heat. But when is using a space heater a good idea, and at what point will it start adding up? It might relieve some of the house heating burden from your furnace and warm your immediate vicinity, but at a certain point, those little suckers will run up the electricity bill faster than you can say Chihuahua. Lucky for us, the U.S. Department of Energy did a study, effectively generating a cost/benefit analysis of space heater use, and we would like to share those findings with you, so you can stay informed and make the best decisions for your workspace, home and wallet.

So where’s the line where space heaters actually make sense?

Well, according to the Department of Energy, space heaters “can be less expensive to use if you only want to heat one room or supplement inadequate heating in one room.” So, if you generally spend most of your time in one room of the house, or plan on getting some work done in your home office: turning the thermostat down, and plugging in a space heater to warm up one small area could be cost effective. But it’s a slippery slope, because if you forget to turn it off, you’ll have one hot room, and a very high energy bill.

This is what we know, space heaters can provide some much needed comfort when your joints start to hurt, but they are not more cost-effective than central heating systems when used for larger areas. Another statistic the government shared is that, when used to heat a whole home or business, gas furnaces use 43% less energy than using electric space heaters.

So, before you consider using space heaters to solve your spacial heating issues, think about why you even want one to begin with. Are you uncomfortable with your current situation? Why might that be? A good way to answer these questions would be to give your friends at Bold City Heating & Air a call 904.299.8684. We can come out and assess your system and give you tips on how to use it more effectively and efficiently to stay comfortable all season long.

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