Spring Cleaning Advice

Spring Cleaning Advice

Spring is right around the corner! This year, it’s going to officially show its lovely face on Wednesday, March 20. So with that being said, we’ve got a spring cleaning hack we would like to share with you, for when the time comes to clean house!

Being cooped up all winter, with the weather being less humid, and our skin getting dry… You don’t want us to share the numbers when it comes to dead skin cells, but let’s just say, right around this time of year, we’re living in the THICK of it. Whether we see them or not, we shed tens of thousands of skin cells every minute!!! And because we don’t see all of it, dusting and cleaning up might not be a huge priority. Well, it should be. And in the spirit of spring, we’ve got a trick up our skincell-covered sleeves we’d like to share with you.

You know how the fan setting on your thermostat can control the blower? Usually, it is recommended that you leave it set to AUTO, to conserve energy and only heat or cool when the temperature rises or falls. Well, here’s our little secret, adjusting your thermostat blower setting can aid in dusting your home!

When you are ready to get to it, and you’ve laid out all your cleaning supplies – switch your thermostat blower to ON, and then get to work! You want the constant circulation for when you are cleaning. You see, as you start dusting or vacuuming, all that dust (and all the aforementioned skin cells) gets kicked up into the air, and because the air is circulating, it’s immediately sucked into the return vent! It guarantees a higher success rate of all that dust getting captured by the air filter. Then, of course, when you’re done, please remember to switch the thermostat back to AUTO.

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