Ten things I love about HVAC <3 Valentine’s Day Edition

Ten things I love about HVAC <3 Valentine’s Day Edition.

I love the way your air vents blow, and your timely gentle breeze.

I love how I rely on you, the way you operate with such ease.

I love your bulky system components, and how you adapt to all seasons.

I even love the sounds you make, but can’t pinpoint those reasons.

I love how comfortable you make me, no matter what time of year,

Whether heating or cooling, you always keep it in gear.

I love how you always read the room and know the perfect time to turn on,

It’s like you know me better than those algorithms created by Amazon.

I love how I can update you, with a smart thermostat,

So I can make adjustments, no matter where I might be at.

Because of floating allergens, and toxins to beware,

I love the way you keep me safe, by filtering the air.

I love the way I can maintain you, by one simple phone call.

But mostly, I love how Bold City Heating & Air knows you, inside, out and all.

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