Three HVAC Tips for The Change of the Season

Three HVAC Tips for The Change of the Season

With the autumnal season peeking around the corner, the time has once again come to reclaim your energy bill and reconsider how you maintain your home’s indoor temperature and air quality.

After all, the month of September is often a fickle one in Florida, swinging seemingly at whim between the summer’s relentless humidity and the fall’s bone-biting chill. But that’s why we’re here to bring you some of our top HVAC tips that you’ll want to utilize during seasonal changes, regardless of what the time of year may be:

1. Change Your Air Filter

We refer back to air filters often, but their importance truly cannot be overstated. Responsible for removing dirt and dust in your home, a clogged air filter can impede your HVAC’s ability to function properly overall.

Plus, as the seasons change, so, too, do the allergens in the air. Regularly changing your filter, particularly during changing weather, will help to keep your seasonal allergies at bay and your home free of other dust particles.

2. Clear The Area Around Your Outdoor Unit

Your lawn and other surrounding foliage may have sprouted a little taller than you were anticipating during the summer season. Throughout the year, this can attract small bugs or other critters that you don’t want near your HVAC system, as it provides them ample room to hide or burrow.

Additionally, as you turn on the heat or the air conditioning, excessive debris can also pose a fire hazard, so cleaning, cutting, and clearing are all good ideas for tackling seasonal changes.

3. Seal Leaky Areas

It’s no secret that when air can escape in and out, you’re losing money and spending more on your energy bill. But sometimes those leaky areas of air aren’t easy to spot, which means you may benefit from checking around your windows and doors to make sure they’re sealed properly.

Use caulk and window-stripping to ensure that warm air stays in during the fall and cool air can’t escape during the summer or spring. Additionally, calling a professional to inspect drafty ductwork may also aid in keeping your HVAC system functional and cost-effective year-round.


If you’re looking for a local professional you can trust to check your ducts, perform routine maintenance, or help you prepare your HVAC for the fall season, contact Bold City Heating and Air today! Once you’ve worked with a locally owned company and experienced the bold difference, we guarantee you’ll never go back.