What’s All The Noise?: When Your Outdoor Unit Is Making A Racket

There’s nothing quite like the sounds of the season: jingling bells, children’s laughter, Christmas music, popcorn popping, and… an indiscernible outdoor noise? Wait, is that your HVAC unit? If it is, we’ll be upfront in saying that you’ll probably need a professional to come to check it out. However, in narrowing down the probable causes of your unit’s racket, it’s all about narrowing down what it is, exactly, that you’re hearing.

For example, if you hear buzzing, you might be tempted to let it slide, depending on how quiet it is. However, if the buzzing is persistent regardless as to whether or not the unit is running, you likely have an electrical problem on your hands. From faulty relay switches to an inefficient connection of parts to a problem with the condenser fan motor, it could be one of many electrical issues.

If you hear screeching, however, you likely will be looking at necessary repairs to or a replacement of fan motor parts, such as the bearings. A similar noise, such as screeching or a whistling noise, though, means a different problem entirely. Particularly if it persists for several minutes after you turn your unit on, there’s probably a build up of high refrigerant pressure, which could be dangerous or even cause your unit to turn on and off repeatedly on its own.

Finally, if you hear any slamming or knocking noises, it could either be that the internal fan is being obstructed or that the springs have been damaged and are now faulty. If the noise is only occurring when your unit is being turned on or off, it’s probably the springs. If you hear knocking while your HVAC is running, however, then the fan has probably come loose and is now banging around.

In any case, as stated before, you’ll always want to reach out to professionals you trust in order to properly diagnose and fix the source of the loud noises. And Bold City Heating and Air is ready and waiting to help you figure the mystery out! We’re a locally owned and trusted Jacksonville company, so call us today to schedule an inspection and experience the bold difference!