Why are my ducts making popping noises?

Why are my ducts making popping noises?

Hearing all sorts of snaps, crackles, and pops may be delightful when you’re pouring milk into your cereal, but not so much when you realize it’s your home making those noises. However, the good news is not all odd sounds are a sign of danger.

Popping ducts, for instance, are actually relatively common and easy to fix!

But if you’re wondering why, exactly, those popping noises are occurring, the answer is probably just the good ol’ Florida weather, which sees dramatic fluctuations in pressure throughout the year.

Ducts frequently pop due to changes in pressure, and both the size and shape of your overall ductwork will determine how your system will react to such changes in surrounding pressure.

For instance, round ducts are most capable of withstanding changes in pressure, which makes them the quietest duct shape. Rectangular or square ducts, however, will be more likely to pop. Similarly, pressure increases will cause your ducts to expand, leading to popping and rattling once they contract again.

In either case, you’ll want to contact your local professional to modify your ductwork properly, so as to increase your ductwork’s ability to withstand changes and pop less.

Additionally, your ductwork has a sheet of metal that will also expand or contract in response to pressure changes and the thinner it is, the more it will pop.

If you find that the popping is relentless even with round, clean ductwork, you may want to invest in a thicker sheet of metal for your duct system.

But here at Bold City Heating and Air, we understand that any noise your HVAC system makes just might be cause for stress, especially if you aren’t sure who to turn to. That’s why, if you’re left scratching your head over your ducts, indoor air quality, or general maintenance, be sure to contact us today!

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