Why One Spot In Your House Is Hotter or Colder Than Normal

Why One Spot In Your House Is Hotter or Colder Than Normal

At one time or another, almost all of us have to ask ourselves the question of why one room is either hotter or colder than the temperature permeating the rest of the house. After all, padding into one room knowing you have to be adequately bundled or even underdressed can be both uncomfortable and inconvenient. But if you’re wondering why you’re suffering through a temperature imbalance, we’re here to help you figure what you can do about it.

  1. Check Your Vents

    Did you close your vents? Many actually do under the misguided belief that they’re saving energy. On the contrary, closing your vents can produce pressures that force your HVAC unit to work harder, thus increasing your energy bill. Moreover, it goes without saying that, if you close your air conditioning vents, air will not be able to reach that room. As a result, that particular room will be at the whim of the seasonal weather. Particularly if your walls are not insulated, heat from the now-warmer spot of the house will actually leak outward, creating other pockets of warm space in your home.

  2. Check For Areas Vulnerable to Outside Temperatures

    If your windows or doorways are not properly sealed, they’ll likely let the heat or cold of the outside seep in, creating a space of varying temperatures within a room. Be sure to seal these areas with caulk or place thick drapes that help prevent temperatures from essentially leaking through glass as a means of insulating your rooms. Additionally, check for outside factors that may also work against your thermostat setting. For example, having a window that is consistently facing the sun in the afternoon will drastically change the temperature in that room, even if it is sealed properly.

  3. Determine If Your Layout Works Against Your HVAC

    Sometimes a room will simply not get the circulating air from your HVAC system if it is physically farther away from the system itself. Particularly if your HVAC system is improperly sized for your home, not every room will be able to receive the same air, resulting in rooms that maintain varying temperatures.

If you’re looking to return your home to a temperate and equal climate, don’t wait to find out what’s wrong. Call Bold City Heating and Air today to schedule an appointment and experience the bold difference!