Do you want to save even more $ every month?

Do you want to save even more $ every month?

We’ve got bad news! The average homeowner wastes a ton of money monthly due to leaky doors and windows. You are most likely no exception.

Leaky windows and doors let Jacksonville’s hot outdoor air leak right into your home, which then forces you to spend extra on air conditioning bills to counteract the heat.

Don’t worry! We have got a DIY trick that can stop hot air from entering your home—on the cheap side!

The $2 DIY fix? You will need a little bit of caulk.

We will explain how to check for leaky doors and windows, and then show you how to seal air leaks using this inexpensive DIY method.

How can you tell if you have leaky doors and windows?

The easiest way to tell that you’re losing cool air to leaky doors and windows is to see if you can see actual daylight around the door or window frame.

Heads up: If you don’t see any daylight you might still have leaky doors and windows. Sometimes the leak is too small to see light through the crack, but that doesn’t mean conditioned air isn’t leaking outside or that hot outside air is leaking indoors. Therefore, if you don’t see daylight around a door or window try the “incense test” below.

Steps to test for leaks using an incense stick:
  • Light an incense stick.
  • Hold the stick up against the door/window frame.
  • Watch the smoke. If the smoke goes anywhere other than straight up, you have a leak.

Do you have leaky doors and windows? Use some caulk to save $ every month.

If you’re not a “DIYer”, you can handle this task—promise!

First, you need a tube of caulk. They typically cost $2 for an average-sized tube of door and window caulk. You can find caulk at any local home improvement store. You should get a water-based foam sealant caulk. Once you have your tube of caulk ready, follow the steps below.

Steps to seal air leaks with caulk:
  1. Clean the window or door frame. Be sure the surface is clean and dry before you apply caulk.
  2. Cut the tip of the caulk tube at a 45° to 60° angle. The “steeper” the angle, the easier the caulk will shoot into the crevices you want to fill.
  3. Squeeze the tube until a steady line of caulk comes out and slide the tip of the tube along all joints in the window frame (seen below), including the joint between the frame and the wall.
  4. Use an ice cube, or your finger, to smooth the surface of the caulk. The ice cube will melt to fit the indentation of the joint, so it will push the caulk into the right position.
  5. Let the caulk sit undisturbed for 24 hours to dry.
Do you want to save even more $ every month?

Don’t forget to have your air conditioner maintained every year! Getting your unit maintained regularly makes it more efficient, which means it saves you money in energy bills.

If you haven’t had your unit maintained yet, do so! Do not wait! We’ve already hit 90°+ weather, which means your unit will be running much longer throughout the day. Without regular maintenance your unit might not be able to handle the extra work, and end up needing expensive repairs.

Also, getting your AC maintained prevents a voided warranty. Some manufacturers will void your AC warranty if you don’t have it maintained once a year by a licensed professional.